Technology no longer has to stand in the way of creators.

Headlify is a Front-end as a service platform, which helps web professionals to create tailored React applications with visual designer and connect them to any back-end.

Future of web development

A codeless future will be here soon. Using visual tools means building websites with visual elements instead of code. It’s faster and gives you full autonomy over your design.


Bring your own API and fetch data from headless CMS, CRM or your own software. This is foundation for Bebob Headlify which works as Front-end as a service for any back-end stack.

Blazing fast React sites

Level up user experience, when every website feels like a smooth web application. Server side rendering is great for SEO. 

Bebob Headlify 
a more advanced 
way to build web


Responsive websites

Create websites that are compatible with all mobile devices and browsers.


Integrate the services that you need with API. Whether it’s Wordpress, Woocommerce  or Drupal, you can easily add new services to your website.


Update all relevant SEO tags without plugins or coding skills. Bebob websites load fast and include SSL certificates. Server side rendering makes React sites great for search engines.

Code editor

For every code monkey out there. Use our code editor to code what you want. Create custom components that works seamlessly with our designer.

Editor view

Easier website management for the end-user.

Multiple languages

Build multiple language versions of your websites without plugins.

In a nutshell


Traditional websites have their own back-end and front-end. All the pieces work with the same code base and communicate directly with each other, making the website as a whole.

In a headless installation the front-end is a stand-alone piece of software, which through API communicates with a back-end. Both parts operate separately from each other, and can even be placed on separate servers, creating a minimum version of a multi-server architecture.

The bridge between both parts is the API client. The endpoints of the API are connected to each other.

FeaaS ― Front-end as a Service

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For who?


Accelerate your site production and get time to focus on more complicated projects.


With agile platform you can respond for demand on time.


With visual editor, you can build your layouts and make more money.


Streamline your website production and serve more customers.

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