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Our story

Think of us as a team of five with a passion for all things web. Even though we come from different backgrounds and demonstrate different skillsets, we have certain things in common:

We believe that one should always strive for the best results. Hard work is behind all success. You cannot grow unless you accept constant learning (and unlearning of old habits). We are all here because of the guidance and support we have received in our lives. That is why we also want to give back.

There is no try

Bebob Builder began as a personal project of our Founder, Teppo Kallio.

In 2015, Teppo began building a visual content management system for himself. He quickly realized others could benefit from his work and started bringing the first pilot client onboard. 

Fast forward to the year 2017 when Bebob Builder grew into a team of five. Since then, we have helped agencies and freelancers to streamline how they build and maintain their website projects. We also like to think we have helped them rediscover their love for web development. 

Why should everybody be excited about visual web development? 

Be more pro

Firstly, visual web builders and other development tools will open up web development for everybody.

Visual web development is also great news for professional developers, designers, and agencies because they can cut the hours needed for repetitive tasks and get more control over the work they do. We want to say goodbye to long development cycles, countless rounds of e-mails and projects that are simply exhausting. Wouldn’t you too? 

Building a website should be the easy part. It’s the content and purpose that counts.

Meet our team

Antti Eerola

Business Development Lead
+358 400 810 481

Kaisa-Maria Suomalainen

Marketing & Communications
+358 40 823 7205

Steve Peltonen

New Business Opportunities
+358 50 333 8888

Teppo Kallio

Product Development Lead
+358 40 548 4687

Pauli Koskelainen


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