Features Visual CMS

Create stunning sites

Views are crafted with elements, that are dragged and dropped inside each other. You can easily give a selector to an element and style by setting the sizes and colors from user interface.

All the changes in the views are saved in the building environment where you can easily test all your changes. After publishing, changes are moved to main site.

Sites, that works with every device.

Sites that everyone understands

The system is created multilanguage from ground up. Managing content with multiple languages is made easy as possible.

How can I get Bebob?

We currently help our partners to build great sites. Join our partnership program to get access to our platform and services!

Dynamic sites

With extendable content models, you can create just right database for your content.

Creating new content types is done by defining fields for your content, which can be found from title to map. You can also set relations between multiple content models for complex publishing sites.

Every content model gets easy user interface to list, create and update content. You'll be always up to date with your content.

You can fetch content from database with easy repeater element in views. You can choose the rules for what content is needed and how many. Active languages is taken in consideration automatically, and if you need only related content, it will get only those.

Sites with a purpose

Do you want generate leads? Creating custom forms can be done with same easy tools.

Cloud service

We offer out CMS as easy to use cloud service. You don't have to worry about servers or hosting; you can focus on added value.

With our system, you can optimize all images automatically, so your customers can upload original size images and the site will show only the right size.

Every site will get a free SSL certificate.

Our partners can manage all their client sites from one portal.

With one login, you'll have access to all your sites.