View Designer

Craft stunning layouts for your content with powerful drag'n'drop tools.

Assemble your views from elements 

With Bebob, you don't have to worry about markup. We have elements from text and structure to UI elements like sliders and maps. 

Get dynamic content from models, use form or create a living and breathing navigation from your pagetree.

Right type for right need

Master Layout

Manage global elements like header and footer in one place, and let other views to extend it.

Model Template

Templates are for your repeatable model content like articles and products.

Page View

For single page content, you can easily create view per page and make your site unique.

Dynamic content

With repeater, you can fetch any model content from to your view. You can filter data, use relations and set pager. 

You have full control on how to show your content. You have all the elements in your disposal and you can dynamically assign the fields to the elements. 

You can show your content in a list, slider, tabs, accordion or a map. 

Style anything

You can assign a selector to any element and style it in a user interface, with CSS-attributes. 

You can add one selector to a parent, and easily for example headings or images beneath it. 

Selectors can also extend other selectors, so you don't have to repeat yourself. 

Create views for every screen

Preview and edit styles in multiple widths.

Cool fonts

Use Google or Typekit fonts or in your views.

Front end code editor

Complement your views with custom front end code. Style with SCSS or SASS, extend with JS or CoffeeScript and easily create templates with handlebars.