Bebob Headlify a more advanced 
way to build web

Features LYHENNÄ

Responsive websites

Create websites that are compatible with all mobile devices and browsers.

Secure hosting

Host your websites in Microsoft Azure Cloud Services that are trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 Companies.

Form Builder

Gather leads with customizable forms. Include automated responses and track events for Google Analytics.

Code Editor

For every code monkey out there. Use our code editor to code what you want.

Multiple languages

Build multiple language versions of your websites without plugins.

Translation tool

Build multiple language versions of your websites without plugins.


Integrate the services that you need. Whether it’s MailChimp, SalesForce or Google Analytics, you can easily add new services to your website.

Query Builder

Fetch any content from models to your views for easier content management.

Image processing

Upload original photos - Bebob handles image editing and processing for you.

Benefits LYHENNÄ


Update all relevant SEO tags without plugins or coding skills. Bebob websites load fast and include SSL certificates.

Both improve your ranking on Google. Especially when mobile first indexing starts to gain ground.

Easy Maintenance

No installations, plugins or updates needed to maintain your websites.

Multiple domains

Include your preferred domain(s) in your Bebob website. Bebob supports multiple domains.

Editor views

Easier website management for the end-user.


 Traditional websites have their own back-end and front-end (graphical user interface). All the pieces work with the same code base and communicate directly with each other, making the website as a whole.

However in a headless installation the front-end is a stand-alone piece of software, which through API communicates with a back-end. Both parts operate separately from each other, and can even be placed on separate servers, creating a minimum version of a multi-server architecture.

The bridge between both parts is the API client. The endpoints of the API are connected to each other.