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"With Bebob, we have accelerated our web design process. For example the actual site building takes only 20% of time compared to before. Site updates and further development can be done without weeks-long projects with subcontractors, only in a few hours or few days."

Perttu Paukkeri


WDS is a versatile marketing partner for growth companies. Our mission is to help our clients improve brand recognition and increase sales. Our primary focus is on digital marketing and other channels are used for support.

How did you build sites before Bebob?

We used Wordpress and Processwire. We used a traditional method where the AD designed the layout and the developer put the sites together for publishing.

What kind of sites have you built with Bebob?

The sites we have made with Bebob have been very `traditional´ company websites that introduce the company, its services and personnel, and where blog entries and news are published.

What are the greatest advantages of Bebob?

The process of building websites is faster and more cost-effective.

Site updates and further development can be done in a fraction of the time compared to the normal practice (instructions to coder, coder makes the changes, new site goes to production).

We can make and demonstrate site updates and changes for the clients quickly even at a planning meeting.

What are the greatest advantages of the Bebob partnership program?

We can focus on designing the structure, content, functionality and visual look of the sites and not have to worry about the technical implementation or, for example, the time-consuming communication with sub-contractors.

We get all the sites for all our clients listed in the same view. With Bebob we don’t have to worry about servers, SSL certificates or security updates, they are all included in the affordable monthly payment.

How do your clients like the platform?

Bebob can be tailored so the clients can easily update the more common contents such as blog posts or personal data.  We have received positive feedback about the easy functions of the user interface.

Who would you recommend Bebob?

Bebob is well suited for agencies that build a lot of different `basic´ sites with, for example, Wordpress or another similar content management system, or agencies that at present use sub-contractors. It is also great for agencies whose own developers have limited resources.

Bebob is also suited for freelancers or individual operators that have a grasp of the basics of HTML and CSS. They can utilize the Bebob editor and give up time-consuming hand coding almost completely.

How can I get Bebob?

We currently help our partners to build great sites. Join our partnership program to get access to our platform and services!

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