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1. How does Bebob Builder differ from other website builders?

Bebob is both a visual website builder and a Content Management System for professionals. We have focused on features that professional designers and developers need in their work. These features include powerful content management tools such as content models, form builder and code editor.

2. How can I get started with Bebob?

Sign in here and start your project on a blank canvas. It is really that simple.

3. I don’t have any previous skills in web development. Should I use Bebob Builder to build my first website?

Bebob Builder is a professional website builder, so at least a basic level of understanding of CSS and HTML helps you get most of our visual tools - even though coding skills are not a must. If you want to code, on the other hand, you can do it as much as you like.

4. How do you handle payments?

Starter plan and creating a landing page are free for all users.

If you decide to upgrade your subscription plan, we use Chargebee to securely handle credit card transactions. NOTE: At present we are offering Bebob Builder for companies and entrepreneurs since the subscription requires a VAT number.

5. My client wants to edit their website. Do you have separate views for editors and developers?

Yes. The editor view can be made different from a builder’s view to allow easier editing.

6. Who is behind Bebob Builder?

We are a Finnish software company based in Pasila, Helsinki. Bebob Builder began as a personal project of our founder Teppo Kallio who wanted to speed up his website development methods.

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